Bill Alen - Feb 3, 2009
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There have been a number of strange yet successful ideas for hotels in recent years, feeding the market whereby customers desire something special. Examples include the brief sand hotel in Great Britain, the ice hotel in Sweden and the coffin style rooms of Japan. However, another rarity is to be found at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, where a Swedish entrepreneur has managed to turn a derelict Pan Am jumbo into a hostel and called it Jumbo Hostel. Its proximity to the airport makes it ideal for passengers to stay there waiting for a transfer.

After the owners of the giant craft went into bankruptcy, there were only a few options remaining as to what to do with it. Dismantling was one of them, yet the planned hostel, set to open soon, is sure to be more of a success than the original plan.

The famous characteristic jumbo bubble is a conference area. This has been seen as quite a wise idea considering that businessmen tend to spend more money than anybody else whilst on trips and now don’t need to travel too far from the airport. Staying on the subject of quickly earning money, the jumbo is also offered to wedding parties that would like to celebrate the special day in a very unusual style.

There is a total of 25 rooms available ‘on board’ including rooms with four beds, double rooms and even a bridal suite. Every inch of the former aircraft is used in this exciting project. There is also a reception area for the jumbo hostel in the place where the cockpit is usually situated and a small cafeteria is situated in an area usually associated with business class passengers.

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