Denise Chen - Mar 6, 2015
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Beach vacations are popular among many tourists. However, more and more travelers discover that snow and skiing can be just as awesome as sun and swimming, if not more so. With charming accommodations and delicious food, there is no downside.

Many people, young and old, would be desperate without their annual winter break. A skiing holiday is a great activity for single enthusiasts, groups of friends, as well as big families. Even the littlest travelers can get ready since nearly all ski resorts have excellent crèche / nanny facilities.

Age and proficiency is no barrier as there are ski slopes for all levels of skills. As long as you are fit and like to enjoy yourself, then a vacation at one of the world's ski resorts will furnish you with a great holiday.  Summit Vacations Accommodations secure remarkable winter holidays with a warm wood fire within eyesight of the slope. Here is why snowy vacations are growing in popularity.

Ski Holidays Are Healthy and Relaxing

After a week on a beach holiday makers often discover that thanks to hours in the sun and eating a lot, they put on weight. When compared to a week of skiing the result is quite different. Once in the mountains, you can ski until your heart's content. Skiing down a slope after slope and enjoying the snow, many resort visitors find out that they actually lose a little weight. They are in better shape when they get back home.

However, skiing holidays aren't just for adrenalin junkies. Such vacations can be extremely relaxing too. Mountainsides offer remarkable views and those who want to see the sights can get ready for breathtaking scenery on a slow ski, or group ski.

Lots of skiers get to like après ski and this too is an essential part of any ski vacation. A day on the slopes can be rounded off nicely by a drink in the local bar, or a meal in a log cabin restaurant, or even a soothing massage in local spa.

Ski Holidays Are Not So Expensive

When compared, the hotel rates for a popular beach vacation are much higher than the costs at a ski resort. There are exceptions of course but generally, people pay a lot more for the sun and surf than they do for the mountaintop experience. Things have changed over the years and skiing is no longer an elite sport for the rich. It is quite possible to take a family skiing and not to break the bank. To save money it is always smart to avoid the main school holidays (Christmas, New Year, Half Term). Also, driving is a very cost-effective way of getting to a ski resort, if possible. Look for budget airlines if flying and book early.

Ski Holidays Are Fun

Skiing fans usually go to the mountains every winter. Every year they get better and better, their skills improve and they also seek new experiences in resorts not yet discovered. Every ski vacation is thus unique and usually better. Most ski resorts have ski schools that train beginners and polish and sharpen the techniques of the more experienced skiers. The thrill of gliding down a mountainside, the buzz of a black run and the adrenalin that such a vacation offers have to be experienced to be believed. Cable car rides, chair lift rides, button and T Bar lifts are all part of the fun of skiing.

Moreover, if for any reason you don't fall in love with skiing most resorts have plenty of non-skiing activities on offer such as dog sledding, snow shoeing, thermal springs, ice diving, and paragliding. Sightseeing and shopping aren't out of the question either.

Skiing holidays have become popular in many regions with snowy mountains. It is no wonder that many holidaymakers return to the same resort every year. Whether it is a skiing weekend break, or a snowboarding holiday with friends or family you are sure to have a great vacation.

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