Alec Hills - Jul 29, 2023
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According to a survey by Federalberghi, approximately 35 million Italians will travel during the summer season, with a preference for August. However, more and more people opt for a brief weekend getaway or a short break. These findings pertain to the summer of 2023.

Despite the growing number of travelers, living costs still need to be addressed. The rising prices have forced many vacationers this season to cut back on expenses, including the duration of their trips and spending on accommodations, food, and entertainment.

The experts have shown enthusiasm toward the survey results, but it is essential to analyze certain aspects cautiously. August has always been marked by travel, so this is not new information. However, 41% of Italians will not take a vacation due to economic reasons is striking. Among those who will go on vacation, 45% plan to cut back on spending. This signals a level of discomfort. Those who can take a vacation appear to have accepted the need to economize, whether shortening their vacation or finding ways to save on accommodation, food, and entertainment.

Italian travelers' preferences for this summer season

Based on statistics, most Italian holidaymakers (56.3%) plan to be away from home for 4 to 7 nights or opt for extended trips (25.8%). Meanwhile, only 17.9% can afford or have time for a weekend getaway. Additionally, 41.1% of the population will not take holidays from June to September, with most staying home due to financial constraints (48.2%).

Based on estimates, the average cost for summer expenses (including travel, food, lodging, and entertainment) is approximately 972 euros per person. The total revenue generated during this period will be 33.8 billion euros. For those who choose to stay in Italy, the main holiday will cost around 884 euros, while those who opt to travel abroad will spend about 1,394 euros. Unfortunately, prices have increased during this period. This has reduced spending for 32.8% of vacationers and decreased trip duration by 13.6%.

When Italians plan their holidays, they prefer staying in hotels (26.3%), followed closely by staying with relatives or friends (26.3%). Bed and breakfast accommodations are also popular (19.9%), as well as private homes (13.6%) and agritourism locations (5.6%).

For their primary summer vacation, the majority of Italians, approximately 89.6%, will be staying in Italy. Among this group, the preferred destination is the seaside, accounting for 82.3%, followed by mountains at 8.5%, and art cities at 2.7%. Even for those who choose to travel abroad, accounting for 10.4%, the seaside remains the top destination at 59.7%, particularly in countries near Italy.

In the past two years, foreign destinations have gained popularity, but it's worth noting that Italy remains the top choice for Italians. Sicily, Puglia, Campania, and Sardinia are among the most popular regions for our compatriots. However, all parts of Italy have their unique appeal for travelers. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing Italy as a travel destination is seen as a valuable experience to be cherished and preserved, emphasizing seeing tourism as a year-round opportunity rather than just a seasonal occurrence.

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