Lisa Wallin - Jun 7, 2023
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Travel is back in full swing after the pandemic, and travelers embrace timeless and emerging destinations. According to a Real Research report, 87% of people worldwide plan to travel this summer. Flight searches are up 25% for the season, according to Expedia. In addition, Airbnb announced that guests have already planned stays in more than 72,000 cities and villas this summer.

Here are the top travel trends and destinations in Europe for Summer 2023:

Explosive growth in bookings

The travel industry is expected to experience a significant increase in bookings both in Europe and globally. Europe's travel market is recovering strongly, with a projected growth rate of 20% by 2023. This is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. Furthermore, Europe's top tourist destinations have already exceeded pre-pandemic travel levels.

Business travel is booming

There's been a rise in business travel as companies prioritize in-person meetings and customer interactions. This has resulted in a surge in demand for travel to both urban and natural locations. The "working from home" trend has also contributed to this increase as people look to mix business with pleasure during their travels.

Important Travel Information for Summer 2023

The United States contributes to the most significant number of intercontinental leisure travel bookings in EMEA. France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, and Germany are experiencing a significant increase in traveler exchanges.

Top European destinations for the summer of 2023

Portugal has become the most visited destination in Europe this summer, closely followed by Spain and Italy. The United Kingdom and France are also among the top destinations for international travelers.

Top European Cities for Summer 2023

Lisbon is the most popular leisure destination, followed by London and Paris. These cities attract large numbers of international tourists.

Travel trends' takeaways

With the resurgence of travel and the flexibility of telecommuting, travelers can explore popular and emerging destinations this summer, 2023. The data shows a significant growth in accommodation bookings across Europe, with a 15.4% increase in room nights booked and a 13.2% increase in average daily rates.

The report also highlights the growing demand for business travel. The “telecommuting” generation has accelerated this type of travel, as people are eager to meet face-to-face and attend events, conferences, and business meetings. Airbnb accommodations, vacation rentals, and other short-term properties offer comfort and modern luxuries such as kitchens, outdoor spaces, and fast Wi-Fi, making business travel more enjoyable.

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