Anna Luebke - Sep 12, 2011

Studying tourism management at a top level school in combination with busy work life might be quite challenging. New study programs are however designed to cater the needs and commitments of tourism executives.

Education in tourism is a necessity for any managerial position within the industry. More and more study programs open every year offering the students not only to learn essential information about tourism and hospitality but also to experience and apply acquired knowledge in their work.

Several study programs specialize in managerial skills in tourism. One of them is the Executive Master in Tourism Management program at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. “The program provides all the necessary components for professional progression in the international tourism sector,” states the program overview.

“It combines the best experience of a top Executive MBA with a specialized view of tourism management. Moreover, participants are able to immediately apply the insights gleaned from the program to their jobs, fostering rapid assimilation and deeper learning.”

For many would-be students it is very important to have the possibility to combine their current work with their studies. Thus it is very helpful when the programs offer some form of face-to-face courses and online interactive periods.

“We designed the program for people actually working in tourism who cannot repeatedly leave their workplace or who travel frequently. The online interactive periods are flexible so as to fit in with participants’ professional and private commitments. This way they can balance their studies and work quite easily,” stated the IE Business School representative.

The students thus learn to develop their individual and managerial skills, acquire a command of management tools and perfect their managerial knowledge of the tourism industry whilst attaining a 360º vision of the tourism and leisure sectors.

More information about the Executive Master in Tourism Management program can be found on the IE Business School website.

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