Pat Hyland - Feb 12, 2024
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An alliance of independent hotels in Spain, Keytel, and Brainstrust Consulting Services, have launched the "Observatory of Independent Hospitality in Spain" to gain insight into the current state of the independent hotels in Spain compared to larger chains. The goal is to strengthen the value proposition and improve the market competitiveness of independent hotels.

The study analyzed customer ratings on for 3, 4, and 5-star hotels, both independent ones and chains, located in urban and holiday areas of Spain. Moreover, experts in the sector were interviewed to validate and reinforce the study's conclusions.

One of the main conclusions drawn from the study is that customers prefer and value independent hotels in Spain compared to large chains. This is mainly because independent hotels can offer more personalized treatment and a unique experience that reflects the identity of the place, unlike the more standardized offerings of hotel chains.

The study also confirms that prices at independent hotels tend to be lower. While this can initially be seen as a benefit for customers, it could also be considered a disadvantage in terms of sales management for two reasons:

  1. The hotel's pricing strategy must be adjusted according to the consumer's experience without underestimating the value of the service or charging excessively high prices.
  2. Independent hotels in Spain often fail to optimize their revenue management policies, which is a task that is better carried out by hotel chains. This allows chains to set their prices in line with the quality of service provided.

In addition to identifying areas where independent hotels can improve, such as pricing strategy and revenue management, independent hotels are among the best and lowest rated. The author emphasizes the importance of providing personalized service and attention to detail as key factors for a positive customer experience. However, some guests perceive a lack of professionalism or even inattentiveness as a negative point.

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