Ashley Nault - Nov 18, 2013
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A recent survey of German public transport revealed that 57% business travelers had problems and failed to use the public transport at least once and therefore chose taxi instead. The study was published by the Travel Management Companies at the German Tourism Board (Deutscher Reiseverband, DRV).
Public transport was mentioned by the most business travelers as the reason for inconveniences. Nearly the same amount of passengers failed to use the ticket machines at German railway stations.

The study showed that the traffic jungle of subways, cars and busses is often extremely confusing for non-locals. Six out of ten business travelers have chosen at least once to take a taxi, although they had originally planned for a ride with public transport.

Even the Deutsche Bahn, the railway company, and its competitors scare off business travelers. 52 percent of those questioned said that they were not able to use the ticket machines without problems.

The difficulties were encountered more often by businessmen under 40 years old rather than the older people. 63 percent of the younger passengers have at least attempted once without success to use the public transport. For older business travelers, it is ten percent less.

In addition, 65 percent of the young businessmen experienced troubles with the ticket machines while among older passengers it was only 43 percent.
The survey also found differences between men and women. 68 percent of women had problems with the German public transport as well as 46 percent of men. The ticket machines at the railway stations caused troubles to 62 percent of women and only 42 percent of men.

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