Tourism Review News Desk - Aug 21, 2007

Flying to space still retains its mysterious character; it is not a regular, average experience, and only very few ‘privileged’ people get the opportunity to take a look at the Earth from above. Times are changing, though.


Ambitious projects have been launched to improve the technologies in order to enable more space tourists to take a trip of a lifetime. Nowadays, it seems that those who have enough money may afford to travel to space without much trouble. And there is much more to come. A Spanish architect Xavier Claramunt has announced his plan to build a hotel in space. The Galactic Suite is a first hotel of its kind. According to the official information, the first guests will arrive as soon as 2012. The trips are planned to last three days, two nights. The hotel will look like a model of molecules – the design possibilities are limited by the fact that each pod room has to fit into a rocket which would take it to space.


The initial plans began as a hobby of Claramunt, until a rich space enthusiast decided to sponsor the architect’s ambitious project. Several aeronautical engineers in Florida have collaborated on the designing of the space resort and first reservations will be taken from next year. The cost of a three-day trip to space will be about $ 4 million. The price includes eight weeks of preparation for space on a tropical island, the flight to space and back, and three nights in a hotel 450 km from the earth. According to the plans, six guests will be allowed to travel to the Galactic Suite at a time. Apart from the magnificent view and lots of zero-gravity fun, sport and other activities will be included in the company’s offers.


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