Sara Thopson - Feb 12, 2018
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Fishing and especially sport fishing has become a passion for many travelers. Most coasts can offer decent spots for any fishing enthusiasts, however, some places are still a well-kept secret. Explore the best sport fishing destinations from all around the world, in alphabetical order. Brought to you by


The Great Barrier Reef is a mythical place to fish for the black marlin. Between September and December many specimens can be found there, especially females that migrate to spawn. Due to the relative distance to the coast (up to 40 miles), it is highly recommended staying on one of its islands, e.g. the Lizard Island and its 40-suite resort. On the other side of Australia, to the west coast, the Ningaloo Reef is located, where billfish, "wahoos" (ono) and dorados (mahi-mahi) swim.

Cape Verde

Of the many islands found in the archipelago of Cape Verde, Sal and Santiago are worth mentioning. In the first one, the Hotel Morabeza is located in Santa María, where just a few miles away, any fisherman can enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Atlantic. The King Fisher Resort in Tarrafal, on the island of Santiago, is another popular spot for deep-sea sport fishing, starting from the month of April all the way to November.

Costa Rica

Even in summer or winter, finding a catch in Costa Rica is likely to happen. Bahía de la Herradura, located 90 km away from the San Jose International Airport, is one of the best sport fishing destinations in the Pacific, particularly if you are looking for sailfish, blue marlin or yellowfin tuna. As for accommodations, among other Los Sueños hotel could be recommended. Located on the beach that has a small navy and a fleet of fishing boats of all lengths, with professional crew.

Kenya (Pemba Island)

Between Kenya and Tanzania, the Pemba channel is one of the greatest places of the Indian Ocean to catch enormous billfish, and incredible specimens of dorado, "wahoo", cobia, or shortfin mako shark. Fundu Lagoon on the island of Pemba (considered a "treasure" by scuba divers), Ras Nungwi in Zanzibar, and Alfajiri Villas in Mombasa, are the three recommended hotels and resorts to spend some extraordinary days, both on land and water.


Cabo San Lucas is located on the border between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez (the Gulf of California). It is a good place to aim for a Super Grand Slam: to catch five different billfish in one day (the three types of marlin – black, blue and striped– sailfish, and swordfish). The southern tip of the peninsula of California has transformed from "a desert with no tourism infrastructure development" to an area displaying first class services: with boats commanded by experienced skippers, and luxury establishments.


The remote Bazaruto Archipelago, filled by the waters of the Indian Ocean in the Monzambique Channel, is another famous sport fishing destination thanks to the hot water stream rich in nutrients, as well as fishes that attract large predators. On the Bazaruto Island, the Anantara Hotel and its Naval Club, which is in charge of hosting water sports, stand out. On the Benguerra Island, the Azura Lodge has also prepared a small fleet of boats.


Central America is one of the deep-sea fishing meccas, with the southern zone of Nicaragua remaining mostly unexplored. The Marina Puesta del Sol complex, in the Chinandega region could be recommended as a wonderful and quiet place, surrounded by mangrove swamps, where every day dozens of swordfish take the bait. Further south, in Guacalito de la Isla, Mukul is located and it is "by far, the best resort in Central America", with the best fishing season taking place in its waters during the summer.


Next to the Colombian border, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Bahía Piña is one of the most exotic destinations of this list's "top 10". The elitist fishing club Tropic Star Lodge is surrounded by a jungle, it has bungalows and a dozen boats with some of the best skippers in the world. In a single day, you can catch several species (sailfish, black and striped marlin, swordfish, bonito, dorado, tuna, skipjack tuna, shark...).

São Tomé and Príncipe

In the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Gabon, a wooden bridge connects the island of Príncipe with the small island of Bom Bom, where the bungalows of a marvelous resort are scattered across the open nature, right on the shore. Plentiful marlin specimens can be found in its waters, especially between the months of June and October, as well as barracudas, sailfish, "wahoo", or yellowfin tuna. São Tomé is another sport fishing destination that recreational groups should consider.



Just 25 miles away from the coast of Dakar, a fishing aficionado may enjoy the catch of sailfish and tuna. The hotel reservations in Dakar are abundant, with the Hotel Jardin Savana being always a safe bet. The town of Saly is located 80 kilometers south of Dakar, and staying at the prestigious Espadón Club, or planning the fishing days aboard the "African Queen", a boat hotel functioning as a floating bed and breakfast, are other options to consider when practicing deep-sea fishing in the African country.

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    Catch giant White Sturgeon on the Fraser river in British Columbia with a incredible success rate!
    It's routine for us to hook into several fish per day in the 50 to 300 lb range. We do get them up to 1,000 lbs now and then!
    This fishing spot is often overlooked but provides a truly unique opportunity to test your strength against these prehistoric river monsters.

    Brian Mack (Canada)

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