Theodore Slate - Feb 15, 2016
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The Spanish tourism sector, internet, and hotel chains share the top position as the most valued industries of the Spanish economy, according to a ranking by IPSOS which analyses the most favored sectors based on the data from the latest KAR (Key Audience Research) study of Corporate Reputation in Spain.

According to the study, the Spanish tourism sector is still leading in the reputation of the country’s economy because it has been the one that was the best in adapting to the economic situation by exploring and finding new opportunities, and by positioning itself as a key sector of the economy.

"Also worth noting is the strengthening of the favorable rating of the Internet sector which is almost at the favorability levels of the tourism sector, reflecting its innovativeness, service development and relevance to society," said Jesús Caldeiro, director of IPSOS Loyalty and Public Affairs.

By contrast, the sectors related to financial services (audit, insurance, consulting, banking) continue to occupy the lowest positions in the ranking although they are showing some improvement in their reputation.

Despite these improvements, banking and financial services are the sectors generating the highest percentage of negative ratings among journalists.

Finally, the study looks at the impact of news related to automobile emissions in the last quarter of 2015 which shows a drop in the ratings compared with the automotive sector in 2014.

The KAR study is a tool for analyzing the economic and business situation in Spain with the participation of analysts, politicians, business leaders, journalists specializing in the media and members from the third business sector.

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