Pat Hyland - Aug 21, 2023
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Puertos del Estado reports that during the first half of 2023, 4.94 million cruise passengers traveled through Spanish ports. This is 5% higher than pre-pandemic figures. The data also shows 2,070 cruise ships called in Spain during this period, representing an increase of 8.4% compared to 2019.

This year, the number of cruise passengers in Spanish ports surpassed 2022 by 87.1%, but the number of cruises decreased by 1.6%. In June, the latest month with available data, Spanish ports registered 1,021,941 cruise passengers. This amount is 19% higher than the same pre-pandemic month and 65% higher than last year's numbers.

During the first half of the year, the number of passengers in Spanish ports, including regular and cruise ships, reached 15.6 million users. Of this figure, 10.7 million were regular line passengers, and 4.9 million were cruise ship passengers. This is an increase of 2.4% compared to 2019 and 36.3% compared to 2022.

June's total number of passengers, including regular and cruise passengers, exceeded 3.5 million. This is an increase of 18% compared to the same month last year and 7.3% higher than in 2019. Of these passengers, 2.4 million used regular transportation services, while 1.02 million cruised.

According to Puertos del Estado's summary of port traffic, 287 cruise ships docked at Spanish ports in June, bringing the total for the half year to 2,070. Las Palmas had the most arrivals with 367 cruise ships, followed by Barcelona with 346, Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 300, and the Balearic Islands with 299.

In the first six months of the year, Spanish ports saw 4.94 million passengers arriving. The highest number of passengers arrived in Barcelona, totaling 1,379,573. The Balearic Islands ports followed Barcelona, with 916,283 arrivals, Las Palmas 840,395, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife 612,141.

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