Ashley Nault - Sep 25, 2023
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The Spanish Hotel Alliance has recently released the results of their operations this summer, showing a positive trend in their occupancy rate. The secretary of the Hotel Alliance Board, Fernando Gallardo, is optimistic about the future of Spanish hotel companies. The data suggests they will likely exceed the record set in 2019 by 2023.

The Hotel Alliance is experiencing a strong 2023 in overnight stays and revenues, with an average occupancy rate of around 80%. This is an excellent sign of good health for the industry. Additionally, prices have increased by 20% compared to the results 2019. In July, the Alliance hotels had an average occupancy rate of 82%, while in August, it was 81%. Their forecast for September is an 83% occupancy rate.

During July, August, and September, prices increased by 27%, 17%, and 21%, respectively.

Alliance hotels averaged 3.33 nights in July and 3.16 nights in August. Looking ahead, Alliance forecasts an average stay of 4.11 nights for 2023.

According to Hotel Alliance, the increase in overnight stays indicates that unusual weather conditions, such as the heat waves in Europe, have not harmed the bookings. Gallardo stated that none of the Alliance's hotel chains have experienced a cancellation this summer due to the heat. This is a common feature of peninsula summers that have attracted tourists for decades.

Tourism in Spain is the leading national industry for the members of the Alliance, and it is expected to maintain this position for the upcoming decades. The Spanish hotel and tourism industry is rapidly advancing technology, so people travel more. As per the organization, technology is the critical factor for economic growth.

The organization warns that tourism will become a fundamentally technological industry year by year, requiring highly capitalized companies and global competitors.

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