Tomas Haupt - Mar 30, 2020
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More Spanish hotels are getting ready to open their doors to people affected by a coronavirus (COVID-19) in the coming days. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Health and the Madrid Hotel Association (AEHM).

Currently, Spain is in the grip of one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world, second only to Italy in the number of reported deaths. Spain's cases have climbed to more than 75,000. The help offered by various hotels is thus more than welcome.

In Madrid, the hotels planned to open to patients will join the Ayre Gran Colón hotel and the Marriott Auditorium hotel, which already started operating as medical facilities to treat coronavirus patients a few days ago.

The new hotels prepared by the Ministry, and designated due to their proximity to certain hospitals, are Vía Castellana, Ilunion Atrium, Miguel Ángel, Euroforum Palacio de los Infantes, Majadahonda, Catalonia Plaza Mayor and Las Provincias.

Additionally, Room Mate Mario has already begun to welcome healthcare personnel required for this crisis.

“Hotel managers in Madrid are prepared to respond to any accommodation need that the community may require. We already have 9,000 beds ready and prepared in more than 40 hotels which may be more if needed,” said the AHEM General Secretary Mar de Miguel.

Taking Care of Patients

The main function of these hotels turned into medical facilities is to accommodate coronavirus patients with symptoms whose condition requires medical follow-up, without needing to be admitted into a hospital, both at the start and in the last stage of recovery. In summary, these hotels will support healthcare received in hospitals.

Over the last few days, the Madrid Hotel Business Association has continued to receive requests from hotel managers who voluntarily and generously have offered their establishments, proving the commitment and collaboration of the industry to help overcome the coronavirus.

“We will do everything in our power to help the health authorities inpatient care. The authorities know we are fully committed and that we are at their complete and entire disposal in these times when the collaboration of all is more needed than ever,” said Mar de Miguel.

Hotels in Barcelona Help as Well

Spanish hotels open their doors not only in the capital city, however. Alba Vergés, Minister of Health of Catalonia, has announced that the first transfers of patients from hospitals to hotels in the city of Barcelona took place last Sunday, which had been prepared to accommodate coronavirus patients with mild symptoms who must remain in isolation.

While she did not want to name the first hotel that will welcome these patients, Vergés explained that 15 patients from the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona will be moved to a nearby hotel.

As explained by Vergés, just like in Madrid, these are people infected with COVID-19 that cannot comfortably isolate in their homes due to either inadequate house conditions or people at risk living with them who shouldn’t be exposed to the virus in any way.

“They will undergo isolation in hotel rooms to ease the burden on hospitals, which we’ll need for those who need more care,” said the Minister.

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