Sara Thopson - Dec 2, 2013
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Spanish government is ready to do “everything possible” to ensure that the long awaited Eurovegas project is realized in the country and not elsewhere. The project is expected to boost Spanish economy in terms of revenue and job creation.

The Industry, Energy, and Tourism Minister, José Manuel Soria, said that if Eurovegas is located in Spain the tourism industry would benefit highly out of it. The town of Alcorcón, in the outskirts of Madrid had been chosen as the site for the project of Las Vegas Sands Corp., which should include 12 hotels, 6 casinos, 3 golf courses, shopping mall, convention center, an amphitheater for 20,000 people and various concert facilities as well as parks including nature reserve. Eurovegas is expected to take about ten years to build.

The ministers pointed out that the executive branch is working towards reconciling the project that will create new jobs and is supposedly good investment not only for Spain, but for the capital city as well.

The Spanish government however is reluctant to grant the various legal exemptions required by the developer – e.g. the company wants a legal tax haven in which the Europe wide ban on smoking in public places would not apply. Soria stated that the modification of the Antitabaccus Law is not the only pitfall, but that there are multiple issues, that are not easy to solve.

Eurovegas would be the third resort macrocomplex to open outside USA after Macau and Singapore.

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