Dan Rang - Sep 9, 2008

Tourism industry is booming all over the world. Various destinations compete for affluent tourists by offering unique experiences. Nevertheless, there is one sector where the competition is not so high -  the space tourism.


Russians are known for their space tourism projects. Now a Barcelona based company Galactic Suite wants to enter the business of space travel too. Their goal is to build a space hotel, the Galactic Suite that would orbit the Earth. The hotel will be composed of approximately 22 capsules connected to the core. Every room will be 7 meter wide and 4 meters high. The guests will be equipped with special Velcro suits that would allow them to move in zero gravity by sticking themselves to the walls. The hotel will be constructed with help of a shuttle that will bring 3 rooms at a time.


Hygiene in weightlessness may also be fun. The bathroom is designed as a transparent sphere where guests may play with a 20 liters water bubble which they can for example separate into thousands of smaller bubbles.


The hotel will also be equipped with special exercise bikes for guests who want to stay fit. The project is indeed attractive for wealthy tourists. According to Xavier Claramunt, the company’s director, there are 40,000 people in the world who can afford to stay at Galactic Suite. Even though the hotel is still not orbiting the Earth there are already 38 customers who want to stay there in 2012 and booked their rooms.


The stay will obviously be an exceptional experience and therefore the price is also exceptional, it is €3 million. The price includes a stay on a tropical island where the future space tourist will undergo an intensive astronaut training program. Once in the space they will be able to observe the wonderful scenery and record it. Among the exceptional things they will have the opportunity to see are also 15 sunrises a day.



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