Sara Thopson - Aug 21, 2007

Certain destinations have been, on the basis of statistics, singled out to be the most dangerous for British people to visit. For differing reasons, Thailand, India, Australia and Greece figured prominently on the lists, although British representatives in Spain have revealed that the popular Mediterranean paradise is the most dangerous country of all for Brits to visit. This is, of course, due to the fact that 147 million Britons visit Spain every year and the figures related to death and injury are exacerbated.


The US tops the list in terms of British people being arrested. However, the States are not considered to be particularly dangerous. Perhaps surprisingly, Greece has been singled out as one of Europe’s most dangerous destinations. Statistics have suggested that British tourists are more likely to be raped or hospitalized in Greece than anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, in terms of the danger factor, Greece is ranked at second in the world. The Czech Republic similarly ranks high for hospitalizations as Prague is Europe’s favored destination for young British men to indulge in alcohol abuse. The Czech Republic is the place where Britons are most likely to lose their passport. Australia and India have also been singled out as dangerous destinations. The problem with tourists to India is that they tend to neglect the need to use vaccinations. These tend to be British people of Asian origin who think they are immune to the diseases in India. Nevertheless, the number one danger destination on the planet is undoubtedly Thailand where one is 5 times more likely to either die or need help from an embassy than in second place India. One is similarly 50% more likely to end up in hospital in Thailand than anywhere in Europe, a result of travellers being poorly prepared, under-insured and underestimating the dangers Thailand can threaten.


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