Gary Diskin - Feb 21, 2011
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Slovak tourists spent their holidays abroad more often than before. They also prefer going on educational trips and staying in luxury hotels. Trips to exotic destinations are becoming more popular among them too.


Slovak travel agencies have registered increased demand for trips to foreign countries. According to Eleonora Fedorova from travel agency Satur, a 100 per cent increase in demand for the first moment offers have been recorded. Travelers buy in advance mostly the more expensive packages.

According to last year’s figures, some 30-40 per cent of trips were sold as the first moment offers and some 40 per cent were sold as last minute. As Satur reports, most people chose Croatia, Egypt and Turkey as their destination last year. Turkey recorded the biggest increase in demand, some 35 per cent. Despite initial worries Greece remained a popular destination too.

As reported, almost 60 per cent of the clients traveled by plane whereas 24 per cent chose to go by their own car. There was also a rise in demand for educational trips and trips to exotic destinations. The most popular destinations were the Maldives and Dominican Republic. Also, cruise ship tours recorded a considerable increase in popularity. Number of people who bought the ship tickets doubled last year in comparison with numbers from year 2008. The popularity of all-inclusive trips in foreign countries as well as in Slovakia has risen too.

Slovak clients are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to quality of services and accommodation. More than half of them (58 per cent) stay in four star hotels and the demand for five stars hotels has grown by 10 per cent last year.  Satur also sold more trips to Slovakia. The main reason seems to be the 10 per cent decrease in prices of Slovak hotels.

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