Gregory Dolgos - Sep 22, 2023
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Social networks are becoming increasingly popular among advertisers and content creators in 2023. While Instagram and YouTube have been the preferred platforms for years, other tools like Twitch and Pinterest are gaining popularity and finding a place in social media strategies. This trend is evident across all sectors, including tourism.

Does the arrival of these new tools upset tourism stakeholders and influencers? If so, to what extent?

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Does a tourism business should be presented everywhere?

If a few years ago, the most relevant strategy was to focus on a particular social network, today, this idea has evolved. For example, in 2023, the French are, on average, 5.7 different platforms each month and need to be more faithful to a single platform. Working on tourism communication on several platforms, whether through organic or advertising, is essential.

The short format and TikTok are the trend of the moment

It's important to note that despite our understanding of content and platform lifespans, there is always evolution to consider. In recent years, the emergence of TikTok and its short-form content has disrupted the world of content creation. This trend has also impacted the tourism industry. According to a recent study, influencers prefer the reel format over other formats like stories and publications.

For several years now, tourism brands have been increasingly interested in the TikTok platform in terms of content development and the evolution of the audience (the age of users).

And after the short format?

The short format has proven to be a powerful tool, but it has been used for some time. What will be the next trend to succeed it? In the coming months, the slightly longer format may attract new followers if it continues to be used in campaigns. In the tourism sector, the ability to create videos several minutes long is a great way to showcase a destination in a different light.

Influencer campaigns initially focused on short formats and trend-based content. However, longer formats are becoming increasingly popular. TikTok, for instance, now allows 10-minute videos. These longer formats are particularly relevant in tourism, enabling creators to develop Vlog-style content. With longer videos, capturing more of the experience, showcasing all the stages of a journey, and leaving more room for visual storytelling becomes possible. As a result, travel stories become more comprehensive, engaging, and immersive.

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