William Law - Nov 27, 2007
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With growing Chinese middle class there is also a growing demand for spas. There were only few spas in China just few years ago, but it has changed considerably. Nowadays, foreign tourists as well as Chinese can enjoy pampering in numerous spas. China is crowded and often polluted since there is a fierce traffic in its cities. Many travelers therefore find spas essential to surviving the intense pace of life. In Shanghai a spa-goer can choose from a good offer of spa services for affordable prices. A traveler can relax in the Evian Spa at House of Three.  There is also the Mandara Spa, set up to resemble a traditional Shanghainese home. The spa is decorated with Chinese rice-pots and the whole atmosphere is emphasized by lute music. This facility provides a very well equipped gym. Among the treatments it provides is e.g. the aromatherapy massage. Mandara’s therapists perform the massage using a Chinese technique.


At another spa, the Banyan Tree, visitors can choose a treatment based on one of five elements: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Gold. The therapists in this spa are exceptionally skilled and most of them are from Thailand. There is one spa that offers a unique service – it is opened until 2 a m. It is the Dragonfly spa, which is in fact a Chinese spa chain. In downtown Shanghai it has three branches. The spa’s interior is decorated so that it looks like classic Chinese homes.


All the spas mentioned above have membership programs. If a customer pays a membership fee they can enjoy various substantial discounts. It may be very interesting for travelers because the spas are in fact international chains therefore a traveler can easily stay loyal to their favorite spa.

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