Joe McClain - Oct 18, 2010
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After moving its promotion office from New York to Atlanta, the Senegalese were disappointed to find out that Delta had postponed flights between Dakar and Atlanta. The situation looks better now, though.


Atlanta has been described in certain quarters as the gateway to Africa as it has traditionally been the starting point for a journey to the Dark Continent. This was precisely the idea behind the decision to move the Senegalese tourism promotional office from New York to Atlanta. However, the Senegalese did not expect that Delta would cancel flights to Dakar, thus rendering the move irrelevant. Nevertheless, the service is said to be reinstated, thus reigniting Senegalese hope of building on tourism.

Senegal is currently trying to promote its assets and realize its aim by attracting more tourists from North America. Whereas many neighboring and nearby countries have had problems with political affairs, Senegal is proud of never having undergone a coup d’état. The situation is relatively stable. Furthermore, the country can offer a number of historically fascinating areas, including Dakar, the colonial capital of the French reign in Western Africa. Senegal is also the world’s third largest bird sanctuary. “Solidarity tourism” is said to be a long-term aim for Senegalese-American relations, whereby people living in the USA go back to visit their relatives in Senegal.

Atlanta reopening was the first step for the Senegalese to start building on the number of flights between the US and Senegal. Further steps must include massive marketing campaigns to promote solidarity tourism and make people aware of what Senegal has to offer.

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