Joe McClain - Sep 19, 2023
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A significant debate has arisen regarding the refugee issue in the run-up to next month's Poland elections. The parties have continued to discuss this topic during their election campaigns. However, accusations that the government allowed illegal immigrants to move freely within the country and, as a result, potentially throughout Europe have caused a stir.

This situation damages Poland's image as a responsible and democratic country and threatens its security. Therefore, a comprehensive explanation is necessary.

The Polish Foreign Affairs Minister investigated an incident and stated that some irregularities were found while issuing work visas. Their statement also mentioned that all Polish diplomatic missions would be inspected.

The minister of foreign affairs was taken to the hospital

Amidst the recent events in the country, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk, fired over his alleged involvement in the visa scandal, has been hospitalized. According to Bild, one of Germany's most widely read newspapers, Wawrzyk was taken to a hospital in Warsaw following the scandal. The newspaper reported a surprising claim about his health. Bild claimed that Wawrzyk attempted suicide and was hospitalized for this reason.

It's claimed that 350,000 Visa were sold

An article in the Bild newspaper criticizes Germany's immigration policies and accuses Poland of hypocrisy. The article alleges that Poland sold 350,000 work visas, which it claims resulted from corruption in the Polish government. The article also mentions that the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

The article claims that Poland's embassies and consulates sold work visas to hundreds of thousands of refugees, creating a terrorist threat to the European Union. The Warsaw government has blamed the EU for this issue for years.

US$ 5,000 per visa

The Voice of America reported that Polish consulates in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Qatar have issued visas to more than 250,000 people since 2021, at an average of 5,000 dollars. The report also mentioned that work visas have already been granted.

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