William Law - Sep 28, 2023
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After a successful summer tourist season, Tunisia is preparing for the low or medium season that extends from mid-September to the end of May. According to Ben Saidane, Vice-President of the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies (FTAV), and Abdelfattah Mlika, President of the Tozeur section of the FTAV, this summer's figures have encouraged the continuation of a good season for the coming period.

According to a tourism industry professional, there will be a surge of tourists from Eastern Europe during the mid-season. They are expected to visit Thalassotherapy resorts to enjoy thermal cures at affordable prices. The expert also mentioned that sustainable tourism is gaining popularity. More foreign tourists prefer guest houses and rural cottages to experience wild nature and cultural tourism, including archaeological sites.

Cruise tourism resumed this summer after a few years of scarcity, benefiting the upcoming season. The professional noted that cruise tourism generates significant profits and requires little mobilization. It only requires buses and guides and benefits small craftsmen.

Saharan tourism is back in color

Tunisia is well-known for its stunning seaside resorts like Hammamet, Sousse, and Djerba. However, it's also famous for its Saharan tourism, which tourists ignore for a long time. As a result, approximately 75% of hotels in the Tozeur region, the capital of the Sahara, have been closed down. But, Tozeur is gradually gaining popularity among luxurious customers due to the increasing number of small hotel units like guest houses and charming hotels. Tunisia’s southern region is also a popular destination for MICE tourism, including business seminars and team building.

Tunisia had a great summer season this year. One good news came from Transavia, a subsidiary of Air France. For example, they set up two weekly direct flights between Paris and Tozeur. Additionally, there has been an increase in requests for congress and seminar tourism, particularly due to the presence of the Transavia flight.

Transavia confirmed that 80% of the seats on the first flight are already booked, which is a promising sign for the upcoming season. Italian tourists have also increased in visiting Tunisia. Most travelers book independently and travel with their own cars to explore the country. Tunisia is an attractive destination in terms of value for money due to the dinar devaluation and its proximity to Italy.

Tunisian authorities urged them to assume their responsibility

According to experts, the government needs to take responsibility if tourism figures in Tunisia continue to grow. Abdelfattah Mlika suggests tackling urban pollution, particularly dirt in Tozeur, is essential. The lack of action by municipalities is one of the reasons why the city is deteriorating. It is also necessary to raise awareness among families and students in schools. The government must invest in cleanliness to ensure sector survival.

Mlika also called on the authorities to support oasis tourism by developing this sector and pressuring banks to finance operators. Banks are reluctant to lend money to the industry, considering it a fragile sector despite its recovery.

The lack of accessibility to southern Tunisia also hinders Saharan tourism. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of internal flights.

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