Justin N. Froyd - Sep 9, 2022
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Most people like nature on TV. Magnificent fields, hot savannas, and their inhabitants attract attention and cause curiosity about how animals live there. And TV programs give us these stories – but where do they get them? It’s Tanzania, one of the most peaceful countries on the entire continent and the most beautiful places in nature-rich national parks. How to get there, and is it complicated to find safari tours Tanzania?

What is Tanzania’s charm?

As we’ve mentioned already, Tanzania is a unique country, having all the conditions for the harmonic coexistence of tourism and nature. Some factors enhance tourism, and others restrict it. But all the measures local and world organizations make to save local nature improve the conditions for explorers and other people to learn more about African flora and fauna. Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, considered world heritage territories, are located here. People can observe many fascinating phenomena here, but the fees are pretty high for large flows of tourists to invade this place.

Another point is the local community. Tanzanians are reserved people, but it does not change their friendly attitude. If you need help or advice – they will give it to you. However, be careful about doing something rash: people are different, and when you provoke them, don’t expect them to be patient or polite in any situation.

How to choose a safari?

When you aim to choose a safari tour, you think about which animals and territories you want to see. But it does not sometimes correlate with our possibilities, and to make the most out of your vacation, it’s better to pay attention to the following things:

  • How many days do you want to spend on safari? This question can impact the price (along with the other aspects), so learn the safari specificities before deciding. Check out all the possible variants, and if there’s nothing you’d enjoy, maybe it’s better to try later.
  • What season is it? Coordinate your vacation period with the season that takes place in Tanzania. Rainy seasons are less crowded; sunny ones – are more pleasant and give more opportunities. Be exceptionally careful if you want to be an eyewitness to some rare events.
  • Consult the tour operator reps to get more information about several variations you liked the most.

Finally, any of these points require a search of information, most of which you can find on the Altezza Travel website (from tips on documents to the local culture descriptions). The baseline principle – don’t hesitate to ask questions. The more you know, the better your ground for decision is.

What to consider?

Most aspects you will see here are characteristic of any journey you can take. The other point is the specificities of safaris that are different from any usual travel experience (to the sea, for example).

So, to get maximum pleasure, you should keep in mind that:

  • you should build up your route from your departure point to the destination place and suggest what issues can theoretically bother you;
  • health questions are those most necessary for your journey to handling – clarify if you have any allergic reactions, vaccination norms of your country and Tanzania to travel, etc.
  • you have to prepare every needed document to be valid for the period you will spend in Tanzania and while making your way to the country and back;
  • it’s better to learn local culture better – from food to gestures you should avoid using, maybe learning some basic phrases in the local language;
  • accommodation peculiarities vary – learn the finesses and consult your operator rep to keep informed;
  • you may need some preventive measures to enhance your safety – learn what they are according to the local legislation (it touches upon everything, not only physical safety).

As you can see, most points are organizational. But never underestimate them to exclude unwanted scenarios. For more detailed information, address the Altezza Travel specialists, and they will give you a more complex consultation.

Let Altezza Travel guide you

Planning a safari always means being suspicious of the company you will choose. And it is right to double-check everything before going to the other continent. Altezza Travel is ready to answer any question and explain any issue to clarify all the points for you.

The team was initially composed of totally different people having absolutely no experience in the touristic business. But they have been getting this experience and replenishing their crew for a decade now, so every piece of advice is based on their individual cases.

Safari is a great chance to see African animals in their natural habitat in the most comfortable conditions possible for you. Altezza Travel can provide this chance and is ready to take responsibility for every word they say. Wanna try? Visit the website now!

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