Bill Alen - Aug 14, 2007
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The African continent is typical for its passionate full ‘flavor’. Tourists who come here are expecting adventure, varying conditions, sometimes even danger…though on the other hand an unending land of magnificent natural scenery, breathtaking views, or exceptional fauna and flora. Africa is diverse, different, and therefore very attractive. Many countries have already launched projects to lure tourists, though under given conditions, it is a long and complicated process. One of these is Rwanda. This small country hides many treasures and their pursuit turns out to be an adventure of a lifetime.


The country’s inhabitants suffered gravely in the horrors of the 1994 genocide, though much has changed since. The greatest fear many visitors have is – to be honest – quite inadequate; crime rate is very low and tourists should feel safe anywhere they go. The one place that draws travelers from all over the world is the Parc National des Volcans. It presents approximately 125sq km of dense mountain forests with six volcanoes. And the crown jewels of this park are its precious inhabitants. The world’s largest number of mountain gorillas lives here and never seizes to amaze their visitors. Surprisingly enough, the gorillas are very tolerant and peaceful. There are about 400 of them, in groups counting nearly forty animals.


These creatures are so very rare, anyone interested in their observation needs to obtain a permit; they are issued by the Rwandan Tourism Board. Gorillas are not the only primates living in Rwanda, chimpanzees and Golden monkeys are among other protected species that are to be found in local dense forests. Bird lovers will find Rwanda very interesting as well, as there are 650 species recorded so far.


The list of natural treasures doesn’t end here. Tourists should also visit the five impressive volcanic lakes, the Nyungwe Forest in Southern Rwanda, and naturally, the capital – Kigali.

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