Joe McClain - Nov 12, 2023
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According to data from the OneTwoTrip survey, 60% of Russian tourists plan to celebrate the New Year at home, while only 15% will go on a New Year's trip.

Most Russian tourists plan to spend their New Year's holidays in Moscow; the capital accounts for 23.2% of all bookings. The average accommodation cost for a single night in Moscow hotels is around 6.5 thousand rubles.

St. Petersburg is the second most popular city among Russian tourists, accounting for 12.2% of all bookings; the average cost of a hotel room in St. Petersburg is around 6 thousand rubles. Sochi comes in third with a share of 7.7%, and the average accommodation cost in this southern resort is about 7 thousand Rubles per night.

Other cities that made it to the list of popular destinations include Kaliningrad (6.7%; an average hotel room will cost about 3.8 thousand Rubles), Mineralnye Vody (3.7%; 5.5 thousand Rubles), Yekaterinburg (3.1%; 4.6 thousand Rubles), Ufa (2.9%; 4.2 thousand Rubles), Krasnoyarsk (2.7%; 3.5 thousand Rubles), and many more.

Regarding international travel destinations, Yerevan was the most preferred city by Russian travelers, with 9.1 percent of flight bookings made for this destination. The average hotel room cost in Yerevan is around 7 thousand rubles. Bangkok came in second with 8.3 percent, while Phuket was third with 6.6 percent of flight bookings.

The top 10 cities preferred by Russian travelers include Baku with a 6.1% share of flight bookings (the cost of a night at the hotel is about 6.5 thousand rubles), Istanbul with a 5.5% share of flight bookings (9 thousand rubles per hotel room), Denpasar with a 4.3% share (6 thousand rubles per hotel room), Minsk with a 3.8% share (8.6 thousand rubles per hotel room), Tashkent with a 2.7% share (7.3 thousand rubles per hotel room), Dubai with a 2.5% share (9 thousand rubles per hotel room), and Hanoi with a 2.1% share (4.5 thousand rubles per hotel room).

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