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From Hollywood movies to touristic brochures, Safari Cruisers are a universally recognized symbol of African Safaris and holidays. While tourism in East Africa experienced substantial growth in the 1990's, RSA emerged to meet the evolving needs of the industry by creating customized, converted all terrain vehicles and accessories.

The tourism industry would now have the ability to safely and comfortably transport tourists through the challenging and undeveloped terrain of Africa. Recognizing, this demand would transcend globally beyond the East African market, strategic efforts were taken to ensure the engineering specifications would meet standards required through the diverse landscapes of Africa and beyond.

As the original architects of this exclusive vehicle design and engineering, RSA is the industry pioneer in Africa. The Safari Cruisers 7X,5X, 5XE have established a record of performance and dependability. The evolution of these fully customizable vehicles have expanded from the Economical EXPLORER model, to the Luxury GRAND, thus ensuring the broader market needs are met.

The strength and adaptability of these vehicles not only drives the tourism industry on the plains of the Serengeti, but is able to service a far more diverse clientele. From anti poaching units, government organizations, mining operations NGO's, and more, RSA continues to be the largest manufacturer of Africa's all terrain vehicles and accessories for relevant operations, for nearly two decades.

RSA understands the tourism industry and their client's business, recognizing their futures are mutually dependent on each other's success. A superior level of service, regardless of size or budget, has allowed them to anticipate and adapt to evolving market conditions and needs. Diversifying their manufacturer partnerships provides an extensive selection of quality and competitive options. Conversions to build these highly specialized converted vehicles include the Toyota Land Cruiser to Safari Cruisers, Nissan Patrol to Safari Wagons, Land Rover to Safari Rovers, Suzuki Maruti to the Safari Gypsy and Ford Ranger to Safari Rangers.

Tourism is the backbone of many local economies and at the heart of this business is the substantial capital investment and maintenance of their vehicles. Season after season, year after year, these vehicles have proven to exhibit outstanding performance.

Due to an emerging geographical demand of RSA products, including fulfilling orders from UAE and throughout Africa, this team is actively building a global presence, creating a universally recognized brand within the tourism industry. Recent expansion efforts include an assembly plant in Kenya, and recognizing the current economical challenges of the past two years, RSA has introduced a new alternative to the industry within Africa and globally.

Rivaling traditional coastal paradise and off-roading adventure Jeep-like touristic vehicles; the size, weight and construction of the Safari Gypsy is specifically engineered for operational efficiency and is easily adaptable with a do it yourself assembly kit. Additional safety and comfort features have been strategically designed, ensuring a far more enjoyable experience. With a minimal investment yielding the highest possible returns, the response has been overwhelming as the industry agrees this vehicle is far less intrusive on the local wildlife and a cost-effective solution, making it an environmentally and economically sound investment that the tourists are sure to go wild for.

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