Nils Kraus - Sep 25, 2007
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Increasing number of women is involved in business and tourism industry in Gauteng, a province of South Africa. This province attracts the biggest amount of tourists when compared to other provinces. It received nearly 50 percent (3.6million) of all tourism arrivals in the country.


These days, women can be found on various posts in the industry. Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) CEO, Advocate Cawe Mahlati said that women can be found solidly anchored along the tourism value chain - running B&B"s, as tour operators & guides, conference conveners & hostesses; convention bureau managers, hospitality industry suppliers, creators, vendors and drivers of business and destination management organizations.


The province’s officials support women and young people who want to enter the business world. The officials believe that setting up small businesses can help eradicate poverty and unemployment. "It is important to fight poverty and create jobs. People must not only worry about getting jobs but instead start their own businesses so they can employ other members of the community," says Gauteng Member of Executive Council for Finance and Economic Development Paul Mashatile. There even has been created an agency that should help new businesspeople. The agency is called Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP). It also trains people on how to start and run their own businesses. It provides financial and non-financial support to small, medium and micro enterprises to help those determined to start their own businesses. Mr. Mashatile says that for example the tourism industry in the city of Soweto presents a perfect soil for new businesses. Tourists want to eat, drink and sleep in Soweto and the people of this township must be able to provide for this," he explained. "These tourists need transport from town or the airport into Soweto. The people here must come up with business ideas to take advantage of this," Mr. Mashatile said.

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