Larry Brain - Oct 17, 2011
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Rome belongs to Europe’s most precious gems; for thousands of years it has inspired creative minds yet the city is more than the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum.

Many tourists who come to Rome resemble sponges willing to absorb as much information as possible, yet very often their return home results in absolute exhaustion. Rome with its history provides endless possibilities and to see and experience them all is a task impossible to accomplish.

Most tourists come to see the Vatican City, beautiful Sistine Chapel or Trevi Fountain, the mighty Colosseum or the famous Forum Romanum… yet the city has another charming face full of romantic little streets, woods and lakes, wonderful dishes and quiet restaurants. One only needs to know where to look.

The Trastevere is a charismatic quarter whose name literally means ‘across Tiber’, the river which intersects Rome. This charming area lures photographers with its tiny streets and very laid back atmosphere.

No crowds, only striking architecture. The heart of Trastevere, called Piazza Santa Maria, breaths live to the entire quarter and appeals to tourists, locals and artists alike.

Outdoor enthusiasts who often struggle for air in the most popular places should visit the Janiculum Hill. The vistas over the city are impossible to forget. Similarly, Villa Borghese, a rather impressive open space featuring woods, plenty of greenery with a picturesque lake is a welcome alternative.

What would Rome be without its wondrous piazzas. Enjoying a cup of delicious coffee or even dining outside – if the weather permits – becomes an extraordinary moment.

Piazza Campo De’Fiori is perhaps a great tip for a visit. It is lined with great bars and restaurants. One simply has to do it right when in Rome, especially when it comes to local reputed cuisine.

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