Larry Brain - Nov 19, 2021
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Planning a trip to the biggest country in the world can get extremely difficult, especially if you do not know where to start! We are here to offer some guidance, so do not worry just yet. Let’s start with the best things in Russia that you should definitely try.

Watch The Opening of The Bridges

In the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, there are 12 magnificent raising bridges, and watching them open and close can be a truly fantastic evening show, with the city lights glittering in the distance. This is arguably a little unusual activity, but in the evenings, when the water stills and the city becomes quieter in the evenings, these rising bridges create a magical sight.

Visit The Red Square

Probably the most popular place in the country, the Red Square is something you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Dating back to the 15th century, the square became a focal point in the history of Russia and the former Soviet Union. It adjoins the Kremlin and the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, two significant monuments of the nation. It is lovely and aesthetically pleasing in both summer and wintertime, so do not hesitate and put it on your itinerary!

Go On a River Cruise

If exploring Russia on foot seems too mundane for you, and you are a fan of fun and active ways to spend time, try out Russian river cruises! Multiple routes through the most beautiful rivers take you to different cities and tourist-popular locations. You will be able to enjoy the luxury of the cruises, fine dining, and entertainment while gazing upon beautiful towns and shores. Maybe you want to visit the Golden Ring? Or travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg? Choices are endless! If these river cruises end up on your to-do list, just make sure to book the tickets in advance; they might be sold-out if you buy them just before your trip!


Seek Blessings at The Temple of All Religions

Located in the city of Kazan, the temple is certainly one of the most special places in the world. This beautiful idea was designed to allow people from different cultures and religions to come together in harmony. You will find stunning Islamic mosques, Jewish synagogues, and other stunningly designed spaces for other divinities, so make time to experience the peacefulness of it all. Whether you are a godly person or not, this trip will be a cathartic affair.

Visit Samara Embankment

This is the perfect place to try out if you are someone who cannot sit still and enjoy walking above all other means of traveling! Samara Embankment is a pedestrian street along the Volga river, filled with stunning monuments and places to sit and admire the riverside. Get ready for a real challenge, though; this street is almost 6.000 steps long, but take your time to intake everything around you. A perfect stroll - that is how Samara Embankment is usually described!

Go Skiing at The Red Valley

Head to the village of the Red Valley for some hardcore skiing! A winter paradise for travelers who enjoy outdoor sports and snow. Although skiing is by far the most popular thing to do here, there are many other snow-based activities to indulge in! The Red Valley is also famous for holding the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Explore The Psychedelic Salt Mines

Forget clubs and strobe lights! Instead, visit these mind-blowing caves 650 feet below the city of Yekaterinburg with naturally formed swirls on the walls that create a psychedelic effect. Get ready for confusing tunnels and labyrinths of these salt mines. This is quite an extreme activity - some of the tunnels are pitch black, and salty air creates the feeling of mild dehydration. Not to worry, though - it is entirely safe, so be brave and curious!

With these suggestions in mind, you can now start planning your journey and visit Russia in no time. We wish you an active and fulfilling holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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