Larry Brain - Oct 23, 2021
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With the world opening up again and traveling to see your loved ones a possibility once more. Now is an excellent time to see how the airports stack up. The information we have gathered paints a picture of reliability and efficiency, but it also points the finger at those airports that could do better.

We are not naming and shaming (we are), but these days there is no excuse for shoddy service, poor facilities, and lacking customer service. These rankings are particularly pertinent if you're traveling economy or business and even more essential if you choose a luxury commercial airline.

Let's start with the best and finish with the worst.

Singapore's Changi Airport (SIN)

Singapore Changi Airport, or simply Changi Airport, has been named 'the world's best airport' for 2021; coming in first is no surprise, given that it consistently ranks in the top three in most airport ranking surveys.

It is a multi-terminal international airport in Changi, Singapore's easternmost district, with four terminals and a fifth on the way. Changi is one of Asia's top ten busiest airports and one of the world's top twenty, with over 70 million passengers processed annually.

Most of the reviews focus on Changi Airport's excellent interior and numerous amenities where passengers can relax and spend their time while waiting for a flight.

It's no surprise that SIN is the best globally, and this is also true of their luxury airline, Singapore Air.

Moving down the rankings but still, an excellent airport is Japan's Osaka Airport (KIX)

Japan's Osaka Airport (KIX)

Kansai International Airport serves Osaka and the surrounding area. The airport has two terminals that handle approximately 27 million passengers per year. It is one of Japan's busiest airports and in Asia's top 30.

Passengers report that the airport is good value with inexpensive services and a complimentary shuttle bus connection as significant perks.

Japan Airlines Co, popularly known as JAL or Nikk, offers first-class luxury service and is a Japanese flag carrier and international airline based in Tokyo. Haneda Airport in Tokyo and Narita International Airport, Itami Airport, and Kansai International Airport are its main hubs in Osaka. Only KIX features in the top ten on this list.

Finland's Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL)

Helsinki Airport is an international airport that serves Helsinki, Finland's capital city. The airport, which has two terminals, handles over 22 million people per year, making it the fourth busiest airport in the Nordic countries.

Passengers like the efficient and speedy security check and the convenient train link to Helsinki's city center.

Finnair is Finland's national airline that offers a first-class service. Finnair is one of the world's oldest airlines, and Finnair is the world's sixth safest airline, according to the JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking.

Portugal's Porto Airport (OPO)

As it is officially known, Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport is an international airport that serves Portugal's second-largest city. With nearly 11 million passengers passing through each year, it is one of Portugal's top three airports, but OPO is the airport that features lightly on this list.

Passengers praise the airport's well-organized security and extensive selection of duty-free stores. Still, they criticize the cost of catering services and other facilities, along with the general lack of customer service.

TAP Portugal has a 3-Star rating for the quality of its airport and the service provided by its employees and onboard products. While OPO is a good airport, its TAP rating is only three stars compared to the four-star rating given to HEL and KIX.

So we've applauded the best now. Let's talk about the worst - remember this is all subjective as all airports are safe environments. Unsurprisingly it's London's Gatwick Airport.

London's Gatwick Airport (LGW)

Gatwick airport is not actually in London but on the outskirts, some 40 miles away from town. In terms of quality and punctuality, the UK's second-largest airport was likewise named one of the worst in the world.

Despite recent terminal upgrades and an unsuccessful effort to create a second runway at Gatwick instead of Heathrow, travelers appear to be dissatisfied with certain parts of the airport.

Some of the most common complaints about London's second airport have been overcrowded lounges and waiting rooms and the general lack of facilities.

However, not all is lost. British Airways is still considered one of the best. British Airways is awarded a 4-Star rating for the quality of its airport and onboard products along with its customer service.

BA's cabin crew service is highly regarded for both long and short-haul flights. BA's premium lounges at both Heathrow and Gatwick are only considered "generally good, especially at peak times." Come on, the UK, with stats like this, you’re letting the side down.

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