Laura Maudlin - Nov 6, 2023
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The Turkish government has announced new regulations for homeowners renting their apartments to tourists. The official document, Resmî Gazete, outlines the new rules and regulations that landlords have to follow. However, these changes may also impact tenants' experiences and convenience.

When renting apartments for a short period, property owners need to receive permission from all other building owners in the area and obtain a special license. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to $35,000. Additionally, a special sign must be displayed at the entrance of the rented property, indicating that it's rented out for tourist purposes.

If a property is rented out for up to 100 days, the landlord must obtain consent from all building owners in the area and a special license from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This must be done before signing any contracts with guests.

Owners who want to rent their apartments to tourists for long-term rental periods (over 100 days during the year) must obtain a license. The new decree also prohibits subletting the housing. The ministry has not yet decided on the exact cost of obtaining the license and signing it.

It is illegal to rent apartments to tourists without a license in Turkey. If caught, the owner of the premises will be fined 100,000 Turkish lira ($3,500) for each property. Once the fine is received, the owner has 15 days to apply for a license. Otherwise, they will be fined another 500,000 liras ($17,600). If they still do not apply within another 15 days, they will be fined 1 million liras ($35,300). Subletting housing is also illegal and will result in a fine of 100,000 liras.

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