Tourism Review News Desk - Mar 23, 2015

PXCom, the innovative developer of interactive media for InFlight Entertainment Systems launches PXMedia™ network.

Local tourism suppliers are generally out of the game when it comes to inflight advertising. Too expansive, no local contact to bring personalized answers… traditional inflight advertising is generally a field booked by the big brands.

As PXCom’s solutions are pulling the strings of the inflight entertainment, the onboard systems have now a dedicated space for destination-related promotion. In order to provide the market with an end-to-end solution, PXCom has decided to federate a global network of local media sales agencies: the PXMedia™ network.

Reaching an audience of 3+ million affluent travelers, each member of PXMedia™ Network can rely on a high-end portfolio of solutions to be sold, exclusively brought by PXCom and which target a captive audience willing to spend once arrived at destination.

“In each covered country or important city, we enter into agreements with local agencies who sell our solutions to property owners looking for an effective way to reach airlines passengers, states Cyril JEAN. We have already many tourism stakeholders who communicate through our PXPoint™, but we clearly target far beyond in the inflight digital media.”

Chris Cope, Managing Director of Just Media Solutions Ltd, comments “We are extremely pleased to partner with PXCom and look forward to new and exciting opportunities. With the advent of new technology PXCom are at the forefront of innovation and we look forward to promoting their range of solutions”


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John Wharton
PXCom Media Relationships
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About PXCom

Onboard Entertainment Systems progress beyond entertainment, becoming a medium to reach passengers

PXCom helps companies in the public transport sector by transforming their existing passenger entertainment systems into interactive media.

Through PXCom’s onboard solutions, tourism suppliers and brands can cultivate preferential relationships directly with each individual passenger.



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