Effective Public Relations Project Focuses Exclusively on Tourism Industry

Pat Hyland - Jul 28, 2011

Destinations and travel companies make use of highly efficient multilingual PR communication tools.

Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN), a leading group of professional tourism news portals, has just introduced efficient multilingual marketing tools. Cities and regions, tour operators, as well as hotels can now reach several tourism markets at a time with their promotion distributed in the language of the target audience.

Multilingual online public relations is crucial simply because people will always use their native language first when searching the internet. However, multilingual communication represents significant difficulties for marketers.

“To remain competitive and attract new overseas customers, it is important for destinations and travel companies to communicate with the clients in their language,” said Igor Fes, the head of the TRDN project. “This is where Tourism Review Digital Network steps in. Through TRDN you can now easily bring the message right to the clients and use their own language.”

The marketing team of the Tourism Review Digital Network has just announced their localized, market-specific, communication tools that are essential for any successful promotion for non-English clients.

“Through the TRDN, destinations and travel companies get their press releases and advertorial articles distributed throughout several language markets at a time. The message will reach potential clients not only in the English speaking world but also Russian-, German-, Polish- and even Czech-speaking markets,” said Igor Fes.

The latest Multilingual Public Relations package focuses solely on tourism industry and includes 12 multilingual press releases and 12 multilingual advertorials per year. The press releases are translated to 5 languages (EN, RU, DE, CZ, PL), published and distributed in enhanced format with two hyperlinks and a logo through all the 5 websites within TRDN, placed and distributed through 30+ public PR websites, and bookmarked at 20+ major social bookmarking sites.

In a similar way the advertorials are translated, published and distributed through the five TRDN websites. The service however also includes spinning or individualizing of the advertorials and their distribution through 300+ travel industry blogs/article directories.

All articles are broadcasted not only through traditional news agencies and RSS channels but also through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


About Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN):
TRDN is a leading network of portals and newswires for tourism professionals worldwide. Travel trade news is distributed both globally and in the form of regional editions. Local editions are available in targeted emerging markets. Currently, they cover Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and Russian-speaking countries.
TRDN reaches 85,000+ subscribers: 37% are based in North America, 9% in the UK, 17%, in Western Europe, 9%, in Central Europe, 10% in Russia and 18 % in other countries.
Currently, TRDN operates through six portals: Tourism-Review.com (English / Global Edition), Tourism-Review.ru (Russian Edition), Tourism-Review.pl (Polish Edition), Tourism-Review.de (German Edition), Tourism-Review.cz (Czech / Slovak Edition), Tourism-Review.tv (Tourism Industry Video Portal).
TRDN offers daily, weekly and monthly newscast, PR wire, as well as several tourism directories of travel companies, tourist boards, associations, tourism events and festivals.



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