Feb 23, 2023
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Living in Spain implies a good quality of life; however, Malaga is one of the Spanish cities that deserves all the applause when listing the best cities in which to live.
Malaga is a very sought-after city by expatriates and international students due to a significant number of reasons, such as the incredible climate, the excellent quality of life, the cultural offer, etc. In fact, nowadays, Malaga is considered one of Spain´s best cities to live in.

In this article, we will tell you all about life in this beautiful city. If you are thinking of spending some time in the Capital of the Sun because you have decided to study Spanish abroad (if you want to know more about learning Spanish in Malaga, click here), or if you want to move there for a change of air, this article will be beneficial as we will tell you what the advantages and disadvantages of living in Malaga are.

In addition, the language will not be a barrier, as it is not difficult to learn spanish Malaga since people are always amiable and willing to help those visitors who do not know how to communicate through the local language. Well, let's see what it's like to live in the city of Malaga.

Excellent weather all year round

The weather is a factor that can significantly affect our quality of life, as it has a direct impact on our physical and mental state. That is why this city is a beautiful home, because of its spectacular weather, with more than 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 23 degrees.

No wonder the citizens of Malaga are so lively and cheerful. It is one of the municipalities in Spain with the best climate. This type of weather lifts the spirits and chases away the sadness, making Malaga an ideal place to live.
The city is well connected with the rest of the world Malaga is very well communicated by land, air, or sea. It has an airport located a few kilometers from the capital and a high-speed train connecting it with many other cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Ciudad Real, Cordoba, Valencia, and many more. It also has a port that receives cruise ships with tourists and ships carrying goods.

Excellent quality of life

We must also add the excellent character of the people. It is said that the people who live in Malaga are the most cheerful in the world. A study conducted by an institute in Copenhagen researches happiness, which indicates that people from Malaga are the most smiling people in the world. This is due to several factors, on the one hand, the climate (as explained above); on the other hand, the pace of life they lead, which is slower than in the rest of the cosmopolitan cities.
In Malaga, people move away from the typical stress of the big cities, which is not felt even in the capital of this city, as it is hushed.

The most important thing is that the cost of living is not expensive. Living in Malaga is much cheaper than living in most cities in Spain. On average, a single person can live on 1400 euros per month. It is a quiet place but offers all the facilities of a big city.

Although the pace of life is more peaceful and slower, Malaga offers the same activities and amenities as any big city. It has several cinemas (including alternative ones), more than 35 museums (some of them among the most famous in Europe, such as the Pompidou, the Picasso museum, and the Contemporary Art Center, among others), several concert halls, all kinds of stores, a complete transportation network, many restaurants and bars, a great cultural offer, and much more.

It is a city with a lot of life

Thanks to the excellent weather, the citizens of Malaga are always on the streets, making plans, enjoying themselves, meeting friends, partying, strolling through fairs, etc. No matter what day of the week it is, no matter what time it is, there is always a lot of energy in the streets. The same goes for the nightlife.

Living on the shores of the Mediterranean Malaga has paradisiacal beaches located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. There are about 15, and Malagueta is one of the most recognized and famous for being located in a privileged place.
The crystalline sea of transparent waters added to a system prepared to offer many beach and leisure activities makes the beaches of Malaga have nothing to envy the rest of the European shores.

A mountainous landscape

The most beautiful thing is that in Malaga, you can enjoy the beach and many mountains, full of forests and rivers. Ideal for hiking.
A city with a lot of history
Malaga has an exquisite and rich historical legacy, which can be experienced daily through its imprint and architecture, resulting from the tremendous cultural diversity it has welcomed throughout the centuries.

The city was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians but later came to the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Visigoths, and Muslims.
Thus, the city has a historic center full of relics to see and enjoy and many historical structures and buildings worthy of admiration.

The most delicious gastronomy

If anything needed to be added to convince ourselves that Malaga is a great place to live, it is to add that its gastronomy is incredible. Malaga's typical meals are based on Mediterranean gastronomy (based on seafood products and spices specific to the region); some traditional dishes are the espetos, the porra antequerana, the camperos, and many others. Truly a delight! Once you try Malagae cuisine, you will fall in love with the city.

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