Andrew J. Wein - May 4, 2020
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The severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the tourism industry is not a secret. Many however wonder what changes the situation will bring, what are the tourism trends for the post-COVID-19 era.

Traveling locally

The prohibitions on international travel and the feeling of insecurity associated with flights and airports will make tourism gear towards the domestic market. Unknown national locations will probably increase exposure to more people, and less frequently visited tourist destinations may benefit from the demand for less crowded places.


Travel privacy will be much more important from now on. The fear of proximity between people and the need to avoid crowded spaces will play an important role. Museums, festivals, shows, bars and nightclubs will predictably be affected by this new reality.

Nature tourism

If tourists opt for destinations in nature, this will not be surprising, as this form of tourism will allow them to put together social distancing and discovery and contact with nature, which in recent weeks many travelers have been unable to benefit from.


The concept of micro-holidays will probably also be more common. Taking into account the impossibility to make long-distance trips, which usually have a longer duration, the typical big annual trip will be replaced by small ones, closer to home, throughout the year.

Road trips

The concept of a road trip will become more common, as it conciliates the four trends already mentioned above. Whether by car, motorcycle, motorhome, or other means, discovering the country with total autonomy and flexibility may be a growing option after the restrictions are lifted.

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