Andrew J. Wein - Jul 5, 2023
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Figures from the National Statistics Institute and the Bank of Portugal show record tourism numbers in Portugal.

During May 2023, the tourist lodging industry in Portugal had 2.8 million visitors and 7.1 million overnight stays, indicating a 12.1% and 10% increase, respectively.

During May 2023, there were 1.8 million overnight stays in the domestic market, which is a 0.4% increase, and 5.4 million overnight stays in the foreign market, which is a 13.6% increase. Compared to May 2019, there was a 10.2% increase in overnight stays by residents and an 8.6% increase for non-residents.

The British are increasing in main source markets, but the Americans are growing the most.

Overnight stays by British tourists (20% of total overnight stays in May) increased by 4% compared to May 2019. The German market (11.5% share) grew by 2.9%.

Concerning the Spanish market, it lost share, reaching 6.4% share; 3% less, surpassed by the French market (10.0% share), which, however, fell by 4.6%.

The Algarve remains the most popular tourist region in Portugal, accounting for 27.7% of overnight stays, followed by Lisbon at 26.9%, and Oporto and the North of Portugal at 17.2%.

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