Tomas Haupt - Jun 20, 2016
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There are hundreds of remarkable places to visit in Spain. Several sites however appeared on the travelers’ map only recently as a setting of a popular series. Thanks to the sixth season of Game of Thrones, seven Spanish cities report an increase in visitor numbers of 125% compared to last year, according to data from the 2015 edition of the TripBarometer report by TripAdvisor.

The report reveals that one in five travelers using TripAdvisor chooses their destination based on what they see in movies or on television. This comparative review analyzed the popularity of filming locations worldwide among website visitors.

A statement from the search engine noted that Campillo de Dueñas has seen a 291% increase in visitors and the tourist interest in Castillo de Zafra has surged 488%, since the images of the Tower of Joy were filmed there.

For the same reason, there has been an increase in visitors to Bárdenas Reales de Navarra (41%), Girona (19%), Almería (16%), Seville (13%) and Tudela (Navarra) (7%). These are the best places to visit in Spain if you want to experience several settings that appear in Game of Thrones.

Compared to previous years, Osuna increased its visitors by 44% because episodes shot in its bullring were aired in season five. Cordoba also increased its visitors by 17% after the airing of the previous season.

Internationally, the destinations that experienced the highest increases are Klis (Croatia) 579%, followed by Vik (Iceland) with 78%, Dimmuborir (Iceland) 64%, Vatnajokull National Park (Iceland) 58%, Krka National Park (Croatia), 46%, Myvatn (Iceland) 42% and Trsteno (Croatia) 18%.

Meanwhile, the average price when booking accommodation in Campillo de Dueñas is 52.95 euros, Girona, 94 euros, Almeria, 98 euros, Seville 84 euros and Tudela 78 euros.

The average price in the previously mentioned international destinations ranges between 100 and 200 euros. Also, the best months to make your stay more affordable in most destinations are October and November.

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