Theodore Slate - Feb 12, 2008

The Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the most praised holiday destinations in the world. Its sparkling waters are swarming with a wondrous diversity of fish, the days are full of sunshine and the beaches are endlessly inviting. Holiday in the Caribbean is simply an unforgettable experience. If there is one slightly negative aspect, it is the fact that there are always tourists around. The owners of Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands quickly realized that and turned their island into a unique haven of tranquility.


The Peter Island Resort is favored by honeymoon makers – almost exclusively. The resort spreads across 1,300 acres and offers an incredibly vast range of services. There are only 52 rooms available here. Couples may even get married on the spot. They may choose any of the several equally romantic locations and thus enjoy all the luxury they had been dreaming about. The setting is perfect and the vistas are superb.


There are five magnificent beaches here. White Bay Beach is ideal for scuba diving or snorkeling. The most intimate beach is Cabey Point. Many who have been here claim that this is one of the most romantic places in the world.


Other activities one may indulge in on Peter Island include sailing, windsurfing, tennis, basketball, and beach volleyball. The sports enthusiasts are welcome to pay for additional courses as well. There is also a very comfortable gym available at the hotel. Of course, sport makes one tired and for this reason, each visitor may relax in an amazing spa. It specializes in body scrubs, though the tourists may make any requests as to what other treatment they would prefer.
The greatest thing about spending a holiday here is the strict respect for one’s privacy from every single employee. This is a dream-come-true place which is very difficult to part with.


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