William Law - Jun 19, 2022
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The USA is a great place for tourists and one of the best countries globally to travel around. With each of the 50 states having their own unique flavor, you are sure to have lots of fun while on vacation in North America. This is certainly true for Pennsylvania, which is one of the most iconic and well-known places in the USA to visit. 

If you are planning a trip to this state, it is key to get organized and plan out how you will spend your time there. This ensures you fit in all the best sights and make the most of your trip. But what are the top things in PA to see and do?

1 - Visit Philadelphia

As noted above, each of the US states have their own unique points and famous cities to visit. The hidden beauty of Colorado is a great example and Pennsylvania also has its own charms for tourists. With this in mind, a trip to see magical Philadelphia should be on your to-do list.

As you would expect from such a major city, there is lots to see here. The Independence National Historical Park for example is home to such treasures as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Philadelphia is also known for its host of museums, delicious food (Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches anyone?!) and lively nightlife.

2 - Have fun with online casino games

Pennsylvania is a state which has allowed people to legally play at fun internet casinos for many years now. This means that there are lots of thrilling, safe and trustworthy Pennsylvania online casinos to log onto in the Keystone State.

All are perfect for tourists who like to play casino games online already or who fancy giving it a go when on vacation. Whether you chill out with these exciting games in your hotel room after a busy day or use them to kill time while traveling around this iconic state, you are sure to have a blast.

3 - Pay a call to Hershey Park

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends or as a family, a visit to Hershey Park is highly recommended when in Pennsylvania. This is a famous amusement park located in Hershey itself that has 90 acres of exciting rides to try out. The variety on offer here ranges from adrenaline charged rollercoasters to video game arcades and aquatic shows. As a result, it really does have something for everyone!

4 - Wander around Gettysburg National Military Park

Even if you are not a massive history buff, this is one of the most fascinating ways to spend your time in Pennsylvania. Based in Gettysburg itself, this park pays homage to the famous Battle of Gettysburg, which resulted in 51,000 casualties in just three days of fighting. An absorbing chance to reflect on a key part of US history, the park also has a museum and visitor center to explore.

5 - Presque Isle State Park

Pennsylvania has some stunning places of natural beauty, but few can match Presque Isle State Park. This exquisite natural wonder actually sits on a peninsula which offers amazing views across Lake Erie. Open all-year-round, it is the perfect place for visitors to wander along the pristine beach or check out the numerous hiking trails. Over the warmer months, the park also hosts free live events and concerts to enjoy.

6 - Explore Phipps Conservatory

Another major location that tourists love to visit in PA is Pittsburgh. While this is in part due to what the city has to offer in terms of the Andy Warhol Museum, shopping, nightlife, food and accommodation, Phipps Conservatory is also a major draw.

Found in Schenley Park, this complex covers 15 acres and has its own gorgeous botanical gardens. There is also a huge 14-room glasshouse which has beautiful orchids inside and stunning aquatic gardens to explore.

7 - Check out the Indian Echo Caverns

Spending time at the Indian Echo Caverns is a great tip for any visitor to Pennsylvania. Located close to Hummelstown, these magical caverns were created when water carved its path through the 440-million-year-old limestone. Making your way through these caverns takes around 45 minutes and is an experience you will never forget. Along the way, you will discover clear underground lakes and stunning rock formations.

Pennsylvania has so much to offer tourists

As the above shows, tourists have a great deal to explore in this state and there are plenty of fun ways to spend your time in Pennsylvania. With so much to do, the only thing you need to worry about is how you will fit it all in and what to try out first!

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