Pat Hyland - Jul 3, 2022
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In August 2020, Airbnb announced a temporary ban on all parties on Airbnb globally. At the time, the platform wanted to prevent events that could turn into hotbeds for Covid. This temporary ban has proven to be effective - with a drop of almost 40% in the number of reports related to the organization of parties. This is why Airbnb is announcing that it will make this measure permanent.

Airbnb had begun to harden the tone in late 2019 by banning parties organized via social networks and unauthorized parties that could disturb the neighborhood. This decision followed a shooting at a Halloween party in California, in which 5 people were killed. More than 100 people were attending the party in a house rented on Airbnb. The CEO Brian Chesky had promised to verify its 7 million rentals.

"The suspension has been well received by our host community and we have received positive feedback from community leaders and elected officials," Airbnb notes in its release.

Travelers who violate the rules of no parties on Airbnb face penalties, ranging from account suspension to a permanent ban from the platform. About 6,600 people were suspended for this reason in 2021, the California-based group says. More than 900 ads - having been the subject of a complaint or not respecting the refusal of parties - have been removed at least temporarily in France.

Airbnb also points out that it has adopted measures to discourage violators: a special device against parties held during vacations, a 24-hour hotline, and a partnership with its competitor Vrbo to share information on repeat partygoers in the United States.

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