Larry Brain - Jul 6, 2009
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In Panama you can go rafting, visit indigenous people or for example buy a retirement house.  Panama tourism is growing despite the crisis or perhaps also thanks to it as the country offers relatively cheap tourism products in comparison with the traditional destinations. What can a tourist do in Panama? Among Panama’s tourism attractions are undoubtedly their rivers. The country offers ideal environment for white water rafting. Local rivers are suitable for the experienced traveler as well as for families with kids. For example Boqueron River in the Chagres National Park is ideal for a family trip. It is a relatively calm river and it flows through wonderful scenery. A bit rougher is the Chagres River.Other visitors may be interested in the culture of local indigenous people. There is for example the possibility to spend a day with the Embera people. They preserve their traditions for hundreds of years and are proud of it. These people live just an hour away from Panama City. Panamanians are further developing their tourism infrastructure. There are currently 22 hotels under construction, which cost more than 569.2 million dollars. Tourists may participate on the development of the tourism infrastructure themselves. There is for example the possibility to buy a retirement home in Panama and be exempted from property taxes for up to 20 years. A person that retires to Panama also does not have to pay income taxes for money they earn outside the country. Other possibility how to invest in Panama is to buy property in one of the local “Condo-Tels”. By the time the buyer reaches retirement the rent for the property will have paid for it. Related:PANAMA BENEFITS FROM THE CURRENT CRISIS

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