Andrew J. Wein - May 28, 2018
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Latest data on outbound tourism reveal that 69% of the French plan to go on summer holiday. The travel budget per family is increasing.

According to the 18th annual European barometer conducted by the Ipsos Institute for Assistance, the French are once again ready to travel.

69% of them plan to leave this summer for some holiday destination, four points more than in 2017. This is the highest figure for outbound tourism since 2012 (70% at the time). It can be explained in particular by the strength of economic growth, at its highest since 2011, which allows French travelers to go for holiday.

Among other European countries, in France the desire for holidays is the strongest, ahead of Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This upward trend is in addition to the eight-point growth already recorded in 2017 and it allows French outbound tourism to return to the levels of the beginning of the 2000s.

The data also show that French tourists plan to spend 1,993 euros per family (+1% in one year), i.e. less than the Swiss, Germans, Austrians or Belgians, all ready to pay more than 2,000 euros per family.

The French, who are increasingly segmenting their holidays, plan to leave for two weeks this summer. 57% plan to travel abroad, a figure six points lower than last year. Those who remain in France will mostly head to the sea by car (61%). In total, 31% of French people will spend their holidays with family or friends. A more economical choice, which attracted 37% of the French last year. 31% want to stay in a hotel or club.

Among foreign destinations, Spain (16%), Italy (8%) and Portugal (7%) are the most popular countries. Tunisia and Morocco followed, attracting the French again after being shunned after the Arab spring.


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