Tomas Haupt - Jul 26, 2020
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Online tourism is again showing signs of recovery in Brazil, after a far below average performance in April and May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Domestic tourism is the main driver of the sector.

In June, e-commerce companies in the travel sector peaked at 28% in traffic compared to the previous month, but it is important to remember that, in May, the performance was deeply negative. That is the conclusion of a recent survey conducted by Conversion, a consulting firm specializing in SEO and performance marketing.

In May, most of the online segments had a record performance in visits and sales, which can be attributed to social isolation. Online travel agencies, however, have gone up a lot. In June, e-commerce companies as a whole also grew in Brazil: a 39.7% peak compared to February, the last month before the coronavirus became a pandemic.

As for tourism, it is the first time since the pandemic began that there has been growth, after accumulating losses of 74 per cent between March and May. However, for experts, it is still too early to say that there is a major resurgence in travel after the pandemic.

With the gradual reopening, it is natural that people do not just stay at home, they are looking again for leisure activities and sightseeing tours.

Another survey points out that domestic tourism is the driver of the sector’s recovery in the country. A survey conducted by showed that more than half of Brazilians plan to travel after the pandemic and 47% plan to visit national tourist spots.

The survey also showed that 53% of respondents give priority to family outings and 46% opt for open-air destinations, such as waterfalls and beaches, to avoid crowds. Another important fact is that, after months of confinement, 70% of those interviewed said they now value the habit of traveling and want to increase the frequency of trips after the restrictions have been relaxed.

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