Andrea Hausold - Nov 14, 2006

Large sporting events are important for tourism. The Olympic Games are a good engine for the tourist sector development.



Beijing Capital International Airport expects 60 million passengers in 2008. Last year it has handled more than 40 million passengers, which places it on the list of world"s top 20 airports.


The first air service drill for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games showed things that could be improved. Overall, the airport and airlines showed to be satisfactory but the Beijing airport had problems with the allocation of carousels for delivering luggage. It was suggested that the view from the airport terminal buildings could be improved. On the other hand, airport was given high marks for the aviation safety and traffic management around the terminals.



In 2008, Beijing is expected to welcome more than 500,000 overseas and 1 million domestic travelers.Beijing"s hospitality market is expected to reach record revenues and occupancy rates in 2008 thanks to the Olympics. In 2005 five-star hotels had the highest average daily revenue of 1,204 yuan (US$150) and an occupancy rate of 75.3 percent. Top-level hotels had the highest ever revenue per available room 907 yuan (US$113). Most four and five-star hotels will be occupied by the visitors who will come with the organizations sponsoring the Olympics. That is why most other visitors will have to stay at less luxurious hotels. Nowadays there are 548 hotels including 37 five-star hotels and 83 four-star hotels. There are 570,000 beds available.



The number of hotels in Beijing is expected to grow to 800 in 2008. By the end of October 300 hotels shall be granted certificates.


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