Denise Chen - Sep 8, 2014
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At the turn of each October, all roads lead to Munich Oktoberfest which is one of the world’s most colorful funfair events. This is where six million people gathered in 2013 and consumed 6.7 million liters of Munich beer brands. They chomped over 100 oxen in a span of two weeks, danced and participated in multihued parades characterized by Bavarian cultural outfits.

The size of Munich Oktoberfest makes it prudent for travelers to book transport and accommodation in advance. You can however follow a number of tips and still plan a successful trip to the event which starts on 20th September and is expected to end on the 5th of October, this year.

Brief History

Oktoberfest originates from an 1810 royal wedding ceremony in which many Munich dwellers were invited to be merry, eat, drink and enjoy shooting sports, kettle drum parades and music. The festival’s continuity has been disrupted by war a couple of times. This year’s event therefore marks the 181st Oktoberfest.

Entrance and Venue 

The grand parade is amongst the highlights of the event’s opening day. It’s the day you see people in vivacious costumes and spectacular carriage parades winding along Munich streets. Though the first Oktoberfest might have been held in a gigantic tent that only housed the royalty, the modern version is held in 14 spectacular tents with long tables and benches that accommodate up to 10,000 people. Hackerbräu, Winzerer Fähnd and Augustiner Festhalle are some of the relaxing spots that give you a well rounded touch and feel of the entire event.

Getting into the Middle

Augustiner, Spaten and Paulaner are examples of some of the Munich beer brands available at the event. You can as well go for popular brands such as Helles or Radler (served with lemonade) if you need something strong enough to trigger your celebratory mood. Beer is served in full glasses that are carried by barmaids known as buxom. If drinking beer doesn’t tickle your fancy, Weinzelt or the “wine tent”, is the place to be. The tent offers an array of German’s finest wines from Franconia, Sekt or sparkling wine and champagne brands with a touch of German hospitality. Pastries, cakes and cocktails can be found at the wine tent as well.

Some people find it difficult to believe that the event is intricately family-oriented. Fun filled fairgrounds, Olympia Loop rides, Star Fleyers, shooting galleries and candyfloss stores make the event more than a food and drinks funfair. It’s also therefore possible to make family travel arrangements to Oktoberfest within a short notice and give your family a treat of a lifetime. Indulge in exotic delicacies such as roasted chicken with pretzel, pork knuckles, smoked fish and original Bavarian breakfast such as sausages served with tasty mustard.

This Year’s Specials

In this year’s edition, grab exquisite calf dishes from Kalbsbraterei before you hitch a ride into a world of science fiction in the fairground or before cooling it off at the Big Bamboo, a zone that will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean Islands, giving you no reason to miss out on this year’s Munich Oktoberfest.

Photo: Fotostudio Kubinska & Hofmann

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