Kevin Eagan - Oct 21, 2019
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International tourism data reveal a decrease in the number of visits to Mexico; causing the loss of 590,018 visitors between July and August, according to the findings released by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

The autonomous agency reported that foreign visitors who arrived in the country decreased from 4,161,664 to 3,571,646 over the reference period.

The body emphasized that the entry of international tourists slowed down, losing almost ten percentage points in growth rate; which collapsed from 14.1% to 4.4% between July and August of the year.

Through its latest International Travelers Survey, the INEGI pointed out that the rate of inbound tourism (those who stay and spend their money in the national territory) also contracted, going from 2,197,000 to 1,751,000 over the same period. In this last category, foreigners who arrived in the country by air decreased from 1,731,000 to 1,428,000; losing almost 300,000 passengers. Meanwhile, foreigners who entered the country by land also decreased; with 446,000 in July, and going down to 322,619 in August.

Regarding the amount of international tourism revenue, the INEGI highlighted that the reduction in the number of visits and foreign visitors caused the loss of 236.3 million US dollars between July and August of 2019. This, the Institute says, happened after foreign expenditure contracted from 993.7 million dollars to 757.4 million.

Last August, inbound tourism recorded 645 million in expenditure; less than the 870 million reported in July.

On the other hand, border tourists (those who stay on the frontier for 1 to 3 days) contributed 124.3 million to the industry in August; whereas July reported the slightly higher figure of 112.3 million dollars.

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