Wayne M. Gore - Jul 28, 2023
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Thailand expects to receive a record 2 million Russian tourists in 2024 because Russian citizens increasingly prefer to spend summer vacations in the kingdom's resorts amid Western sanctions.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand's Moscow office director, Khanittha Phanvoravat, believes that if Thailand continues to be perceived as a hospitable country by Russian tourists, it could accomplish its objectives. This is particularly true if other nations maintain sanctions against Russia. She notes that Russians preferred to visit European countries during the summer before the Ukraine conflict. Still, they choose Thailand for vacations year-round, not just during the high season (from November to April).

The imposition of economic sanctions on Russia has impacted the insurance process for Russian aircraft and hindered the expansion of airline services, according to Phanvoravat. Several Thai airlines have been unable to close this gap as they prioritize short-haul flights. TAT plans to promote travel demand in new segments to address this issue. This will increase market size and encourage airlines to expand their routes between Thailand and Russia.

Since the beginning of the year, over 840,000 Russians have visited Thailand. In 2019, Russia was Thailand's seventh largest tourist market, with 1.5 million Russians visiting the country. Currently, it is the rainy season in Thailand. However, as the high season approaches, from November to April, Russians typically increase their demand for resort vacations.

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