Anna Luebke - Jul 8, 2019
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The number of Italians who will go on vacation this summer is expected to reach almost 32 million according to an official survey. This represents an increase of 1.3 million people compared to 2018.

The average duration of the holiday will be 6 nights (August is the month of major departures). 77% of vacationers will stay in Italy, while 23% will go abroad. The average expenditure is to be around 950 euros.

The survey results show a surplus for the Italian trade balance of one billion more than in 2018 (8 billion total). In fact, the expenditure of Italians abroad increased by about 200 million euros and that of foreigners in Italy rose by over 1 billion, even if not all of the territory benefits to the same extent. And in fact, the south of the country benefits the most from it.

This situation is also reflected in air transport data. Of the 60 million passengers that Italian airports will welcome between June and August this year, 40 million will be foreigners, with an increase of 2.4 million at the airports of the South that will, therefore, for the first time, overcome the traffic of the other 3 macro-areas (north-west, north-east and center).

In general, however, at the Mediterranean level, competition from Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia is intensifying, with the percentage of their international tourist arrivals growing mainly from France and Germany. Meanwhile, Spain, the usual competitor for Italy, is suffering a heavy setback.

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