Richard Moor - Sep 18, 2017

More than 22.9 million of foreign tourists traveled to Mexico from January to July representing an increase of 12 percent compared to last year according to the Bank of México (BdeM).

The growth rate is twice as high as that observed globally during the first five months of the year which is 6 percent.

The data from the central bank showed that between last year's January and July, 20.4 million foreign tourists visited the country. Throughout 2016, 35 million international visitors arrived to the country, which allowed Mexico to become the eighth most visited country in the world.

13.4 million out of the 22.9 million tourists entered by air, while 9.4 million arrived in the country and spent the night at the borders.

The Bank of México added that the country generated 13.115,8 million dollars in foreign exchange from international tourism, which includes the spending of travelers who stayed overnight (tourists) and those who didn't (hikers). The number increased 9.7 percent compared to the period from January to July last year.


During July, the first month of the summer vacation, the Bank of México recorded just over 3.7 million foreign tourists, 11.6 percent more than in the seventh month of last year when about 3.3 million travelers arrived to the country.

The number of tourists during July is the highest so far this year according to central bank statistics.

The good start of the summer vacation was also reflected in the increase of 8.5 percent in foreign exchange reaching a total of 2 billion dollars, while in July 2016 the figure was 1.84 billion.

According to the Bank of México, a total of 4.7 million foreigners arrived in Mexico on a cruise ship between January and July. The number represented an increase of 23.7 percent. Throughout last year, Mexico registered 6.6 million cruise passengers.

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