Kevin Eagan - Feb 28, 2021
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Vaccinated and recovered people can already enter Iceland without restrictions. From May, this is to change for not vaccinated travelers from areas with low infection rates.

Iceland is currently the prime example when it comes to the successful fight against the Coronavirus. The island in the North Atlantic has the lowest infection figures of all European countries. This is expected to remain the case, which is why the country will be slow to revive tourism.

Entry from Countries with Low Infection Rates

For months, the small island in the North Atlantic has managed to defend itself extremely successfully against the Coronavirus. If Iceland reports any new infections at all, they are currently in the single digits. Of course, the location and size of the island play a major role in combating the virus. In addition, it is easy to control entrants, as they can only enter the country by air and sea. The few seaports and airports are ideal for monitoring these hubs.

In addition, Iceland tightened its entry regulations very early on and has always adapted them to the circumstances. For example, early last year, tests were carried out at the airports for people entering the country. Until the results were available, travelers had to go into quarantine.

In the meantime, even vaccinated or recovered persons are allowed to enter the country again. All they need is proof that they have already been fully vaccinated or have overcome the disease. This means that people are already allowed to enter Iceland without restrictions.

These regulations will probably be relaxed again from May 1. Passengers from countries or regions with very low infection rates will then also be allowed to enter the country. However, the new entry regulations are not intended to be rushed, which is why details are not yet known.

Iceland's New Entry Regulations for Not Vaccinated Travelers

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear to what extent the entry regulations will change. According to the current status, vaccinated or recovered persons are allowed to enter Iceland again. But even here there are exceptions, because at the moment all countries are still classified as high-risk areas. Whether the general testing obligation for vaccinated and recovered persons and perhaps also for other travelers from countries with low infection rates will be lifted from May 1 is currently questionable. However, the handling of the virus in Iceland gives rise to the hope that similar regulations could be introduced throughout Europe.

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